Hello, and Welcome…

You have entered a site that claims the Holy Bible and the Constitution of the United States to be the greatest ever written.  I believe in one God and His son Jesus Christ.  From Genesis to Revelations, I believe the Bible to be a true article of faith.  The Constitution written  around the beginnings of the United States, was written on the same values, recognizing the Power of God Almighty.  From these two important articles, one being Holy, the other being governmentally established, we must return.

Please feel free to visit at any time.  Post your comments as you like.  Regardless of your opinions, I expect decent, respectful vocabulary.  Please refrain from using profanity.  I appreciate your observance of this one and only rule, and I thank you for complying.



  1. Thank you for taking a solid and patriotic positon supporting GOD, and The United States. We have far too many people afraid to say, “Thank YOU JESUS CHRIST, AND GOD BLESS AMERICA.” I gladly give you my support and continued reading.

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